Friday, February 13, 2009

why hello, world.

It's so nice to see you this late at night. It's been a while. Well, a week at least. I've just returned from the gym and have that awesome little workout high...I love it. However, because of that sleep seems to be in the distant future for me...Such is life.
This week started out being so painfully stressful, but just keeps getting better as it goes along. Ready for the recap? Thats what i thought.
Monday: woke up, and it was pouring. My parking pass happened to be in...not my car. So i got to walk to class in a downpour. I stepped off the curb straight into a puddle. Let me tell you, a 3 hour long accounting lecture is miserable enough, but add in a wet sock and it's straight torture. I spent the rest of that day studying like a crazy person for my midterm the following night.
Tuesday: Went to class, but didn't hear a single thing the professors were saying because I was nose deep in my accounting notes, stressing like crazy about the midterm at 7 that night. 7 came along, and I took the test, and did NOT feel good about it. In fact, I was beating myself up over the idea that I didn't study hard enough or something.
Wednesday: Actg prof told us that the class average on the midterm was 58%. Freaked me out. Came home to see my score posted online, and took a quadruple check. I definitely set the curve for the class. Not gonna lie, I can't even control how proud of myself I am. And I'm not trying to brag, I'm just excited. I haven't done that in much too long.
Thursday (todayyyy): Class went spectacularily smoothly. Pop quiz in marketing was simple, unlike last time. Had a few exciting moments, and was told how to get bonus points on the quiz I didn't do well on. Must figure out how to make myself not awkward haha. Came home, cleaned, napped, then...of all Thursdays--The Office and 30 Rock were on. Amazing. Then Gym, and it hurts so good.
Now I'm wired, and I blame crystal. :)
Oh, and tomorrow, Jimmie and Daniel are coming to visit. That keeps me pretty crazily happy.

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