Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The first of many, I'm sure

I'm not gonna lie, I felt a little weird reading all of these people's blogs without actually having one of my own that I updated. It's like i was hiding behind the curtain at a party taking in everything going on out there, but not participating whatsoever. I think life is more fun if you at least step a foot out from the curtain and trip some people...or, like me now, just throw the curtain off completely and join in the fun. Currently, I'm avoiding reading the next chapter for my accounting class tomorrow. I'll get it done, no doubt about that, but just not right now.
So let's see, what is my life like right now...
>My roommates are absolutely out of their minds, each in their own way. Its awesome. A little stressful sometimes...but awesome.
>I have some really awesome friends who do cool things like give me free tickets to see a screening of a movie i've been wanting to see that isn't in theaters until March. Thank you, Nathan. We saw "I Love You, Man"...it was hilarious, completely ridiculous, and totally my kind of comedy. Good times.
>I'm taking these classes that are major brain crushers. There isn't a day I go to class and don't come back thinking "Whoa...I need to start studying again." Mainly because I don't realize how much i DON'T know until the professor points it out to me. Daily.
>I'm really upset it's so warm out now. I want the cold back. I like needing the heater on in the evenings to avoid shaking in my own house. I don't know why I'm in San Diego...haha

I'm sure there is more that can be said about my life right now, but i feel like I've begun to bore the snot out of you people. Who knows.

Love and gummi bears :)


  1. Aah... so glad you have bravely stepped out from behind the curtain! I can't wait to see what adventures I will get to read about!! =)