Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i have an affinity for cute little things.

It's an incurable feeling of utter joy that overwhelms me when something cute appears. I squeal. I giggle. I beg for one of my own. I think this may be the girliest thing about me. That or the fact that I have a disgustingly strong love for bows. (on my first attempt, i typed boys. ha, hello subconscious). Back to the issue: cute things. I want a bunny again. So much. I would love nothing more than to have a little bun bun hopping and flopping around my living room while I do homework, so that I can tell it it's a dork and have it shake it's little cotton ball tail at me in agreement...(Because we all know that all bunnies are dorks. They know it too.) This time, I will potty train her, and teach her to feed and clean herself...I'm so not cut out for the whole caring for the little cute thing thing. I'd be much better at just giving it endless affection and laughing at it while letting someone else do the dirty work. How sad is that?!
On a very different note, lately commercials have been stuck in my head endlessly. Because of GE I was singing the wizard of oz songs for about an hour yesterday. Right now=Heigh Ho. Thank you, tv, for making me want to watch movies from my childhood. :)
I'm looking forward to tomorrow, despite a three hour long lecture with my least favorite professor of all time...eh, it's just three hours.


  1. if we get a bunny, you're cleaning the damn cage.

  2. Make sure you put "likes cleaning up messes" on your "What to look for in a husband" list. =)